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Must Have Toys!Must-have toys for Christmas

Some of the big predictions for the best sellers for 2017 Christmas toys are the New Pie Face, Lego, Robots, the Luvabella doll and from Little Tikes.

All the big stores are now releasing their best toys list and they look set to sell in big numbers. Below is a list of some of the top toys:_

Luvabella Doll
What makes to Luvabella Doll so special? This doll uses artificial and can interact your child. The more she’s played with, the more she starts to responds. She can say words, move her arms and even has facial expressions. If you tickle her she will laugh and she can even kiss toys.

Pie Face Sky High Game
After the success of this game in 2015, Pie Face has made a new version which is freestanding. This time though you hit it with a hammer like a fairground game.

LOL Big Surprise Ball
There is now a very big of the LOL Surprise Ball. It now has over 50 items inside!

Experimake Sludge ‘n’ Slime
This Nickelodeon game is great for anyone who loves slime. It includes lots of experiments and is the most yukiest yet.

Little Tikes Princess Horse & Carriage Cozy Coupe,
This really is for all those Little Princesses. It is a ride on that has ablue horse and makes the appropriate clip slop sounds. You can pull the carriage with your daughter inside or they can push themselves along too. It even has cup holders!

Hatchimals CollEGGtibles
They have released a new version for 2017 but the eggs hatch in the same way. These are great collectables.

This autoboot is based on the character in Transformers ‘The Last Knight’. This autoboot can talk, sing and even dance.

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