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Top 7 Ways to Beat the Post-Christmas BluesTop 7 Ways to Beat the Post-Christmas Blues

The days after Christmas can leave many of us in the blues. Dwindling account balance, back-to-work blues, festive weight gain, and a miserable weather can generally contribute to a feeling of unhappiness. Here are various ways to beat the blues and stay happy after Christmas:
1. Make a plan
Going back to routine after festivity is enough to lower anybody’s spirits. To alleviate this feeling, create something to look forward to such as a night out or booking a trip.
2. Laugh
Laughter is medicine! According to studies, laughter releases endorphins which can instantly improve your mood. Listen to comedy or grab a funny book and laugh.
3. Beat your fears
Step out of your comfort zone and meet new people or visit new places. This is guaranteed to snap you out of a pensive mood.
4. Get active
Exercise releases mood boosting endorphins that can lift your spirits especially if weight gain is one of the things weighing you down following Christmas. Try out yoga or get out for a run in the fresh air!
5. Don’t be SAD
If the cold weather and darkness typical for the festive season might be contributing to your blues, you may be suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder). To combat this, invest in a SAD light box that will help reduce the negative effects caused by the lack of natural light.
6. Be selfless
Distract yourself by focusing on others. Be selfless; do some volunteer work, listen to a friend’s problem or smile at a stranger. Not only will this distract you from your own feelings but it will also help you put things into perspective and put you in a better mood.
7. Boost your social life
Be proactive; boost your social life following Christmas. Join a club, take up a new hobby or meet some new people to spend time with.

Finally, if you find the thought of going back to your regular routine depressing, it is time to make some changes. Instead of being miserable, beat the post-Christmas blues by making use of the above tips.