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santa for voiceoversHire Father Christmas for Voiceovers, TV and Radio Commercials

Santa is an iconic figure. The Santa we know and love today – the jolly chap in the bright red suit – is though to come from a popular American cartoon drawing in the late 19th Century.
Ever since, we have identified with this festive character, his booming ho-ho-ho and the magic that he brings to the festive season.

Many clients hire a Santa for festive events and parties from the office party to Christmas weddings, shopping centre grottos and more. But did you know you can hire Santa for voiceovers and commercials, as well as photoshoots?

Hire Santa any time of the year for commercials, voiceovers and photoshoots

Clearly, we are at our busiest in the weeks before Christmas. Every year, we supply hundreds of Santas at thousands of festive events across the UK. But did you know we also work with clients in the months before Christmas getting festive campaigns ready?

• Voiceovers – our trained Santas for hire all practice and perfect their ho-ho-ho but they are also actors meaning that they are perfect for providing the voiceover of Santa for radio and TV commercials, as well as links in podcasts and more.
• Commercials – TV and radio commercials are a common marketing channel for many of our clients. Putting together your Christmas campaign usually happens in the heat of summer. You can hire a Santa at any time of the year, perfect for when you are putting together your festive campaign.
• PR stunts – these type of high profile events also happen at any time of the year and when you want something different, you have to think outside of the box. Again, you may want to hire a Santa for an event in the spring or summer – we have the Santa for your PR stunt!
• Photoshoots – from calendars to promotional materials, to photos for use on your social media channel, you can hire a Santa for photoshoots. Arriving fully briefed and with their red suit at the ready, our professional Santas are in demand for photoshoots throughout the year too.

How to hire a professional Santa for voiceovers, TV & radio commercials

To hire a Santa at any time of the year, all you need to do is contact the Bookings Team here at Hire a Santa. You can call us on 0844 800 0071 or email the team using the contact form below with more details of your project and what you would like our Santa to do.

We have hundreds of experienced, trained and professional Santas for hire across the UK, all of whom have different talents and abilities. No matter what your project or where, we have the Santa who can deliver the perfect voiceover and perform for Tv and radio commercials, as well as photoshoots and PR stunts. Why not call today to find out more?