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Hire a Santa in London

As this magical time of year approaches we all remember our favorite and most beloved of holiday characters. Some people call him St. Nick, others Santa Clause, but here in London a few of us still like to call him “Father Christmas”.

It’s just not Christmas without the jolly man himself, which is why we have a great service to arrange a visit for whatever Christmas needs you may have this. It’s perfect service for London residents as our Santa’s are right here and ready to serve. Bring your Christmas to life with a visit from old Chris Cringle.

Book a Santa for anything!

• Parties
• Shopping and Garden Centres
• Schools and Nursery’s
• Christmas Weddings
• Home visit
• Offices
• Corporate events & office parties
• Marketing Activities
• Store Promotions
• Television & Film

Each visit of course will be custom made to fit your unique situation and needs. You can request a Father Christmas to deliver presents, or read a Christmas story to take requests from the kids, or even to entertain the adults or just to turn on the Christmas light.

Over Five Years Experience Santa Agency

Our business has been providing professional Santa’s for years and we know how important it is for our people to know what they’re doing. We also don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach but tailor the act to your needs. The Santa’s we provide are both professional and reliable and really know how to liven up the holiday atmosphere.

So don’t go cold and quiet for your next big Christmas event, but consider booking a Santa to revive the Christmas spirit in a new and imaginative way.