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hire Christmas elvesHire Elves for Your Christmas Event!

Such a fantastic time of year! Christmas brings a sense of warmth and well-being, glittering lights and the magical touch of Father Christmas.

Aside from the big man himself, there are other Christmas characters, like the rosy-cheeked and kind face of Mother Christmas.

But where would any Christmas event be without the scampering cheekiness of elves?

Who are Christmas elves?

The elves are, of course, the workers within the factory of Christmas. At one time, they would design and manufacture every Christmas but they have moved with the time and embraced technology, just as we have.

Professional elves understand the latest tech and gadgets that children ask for. They play the latest games, understand the gizmos and the products that children find so very fascinating and often put on their list.

They understand that to make a Christmas event truly magical, they need to stay in character for the entire event. And it is the simple things that matter – like arriving ready in costume and leaving in costume – so they retain the air of festive magic.

They help to keep the party running smoothly, they help excited children to enjoy the festive event as they can anyone of any age!

hire elves for corporate eventsIs hiring Christmas elves essential?

There is something about a festive event, a grotto or an appearance by Santa at a Christmas party that is even more successful when you have a team of professional performers including elves, to help out.

When you have a big festive event planned and you know it will be busy – which Christmas event isn’t? – hiring elves make perfect sense.

Passionate, driven and professional, our performers are experienced in all elf duties and for your event, that means one thing: guaranteed success.

A gaggle of elves also makes for a great impression, an impressive setting for people who have paid to enter Santa’s grotto, for example, and it gives value for money and a professionally facilitated event.

What events can elves be hired for?

Our professional elves for hire are available for all kinds of festive events from corporate Christmas parties to creating festive magic at children’s nurseries, schools, colleges, as well as at nursing homes, community centres and more.

You can also hire elves for private parties and events. As well as hiring Santa for your Christmas wedding, why not hire a group of elves too?

How to hire elves!

All you need to do is contact the team at Hire a Santa with more details about your event, how many elves you need to attend to make sure the Christmas magic is at its best by emailing us.

Better still, call one of our office elves on 0844 800 0071.