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Hire a Santa in Newcastle upon Tyne

If you’ve lived in Newcastle upon Tyne for a long time you know how busy it can sometimes be during the Christmas season. This enchanting time of the year also lights up the community with the hustle and bustle of activity, but there’s also a certain spirit to it all, the very heart of Christmas. This Christmas magic would be diminished however, even if only slightly, without the beloved figure who brings the magic to life. Father Christmas can often be seen at Christmas parties, shopping centers, or even seen canvasing in the streets. We provided such Santa’s for exactly such occasions and our people are local to the Newcastle area so you won’t have to go far to book old St Nick’s enchanting visit.

We provide Santa’s for:

Shopping Centres and Garden Centres
Schools and Nurserys
Christmas Weddings
• Home visit
• Offices
• Parties
• Corporate events & office parties
• Marketing Activities
• Store Promotions
• Television & Film
and much more…….

Personalised Father Christmas Visit

Each visit is caters to the unique needs and Christmas wishes. Santa doesn’t just have to be a warm lap to sit on, he can entertain and engage with both adults and children. He can read a story or deliver gifts, or just about anything you can imagine, so long as it keeps you on the ‘nice list’ of course.

Professional Santa Agency

We’ve been providing professional Santa’s for years that reliable, experienced and willing to go the extra mile to make your Christmas extra special for whatever the occasion. We are also serious competitors in the business. Newcastle is around number nine in the country for retail activity, and we provide Santa’s for many of the largest department and retail stores in the community.

This year whether you’re trying to help your business get back in the black for the holidays or just trying to bring the magic of this enchanting time to life for friends and family, we have what you need. Merry Christmas!  Get in touch to hire a Santa in the North East!