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Stories for Santa to read!

We provide Santa’s all across the Uk and a lot of our clients like Santa to read the children they are visiting stories.  Below are two stories we have adapted for our Santa’s :-

stories for Santa to read at eventsSanta Story 1 – The Good Children

Long long ago, two little children, (POINT AT TWO CHILDREN) just like you… and you, were sitting by the fire on a cold winter’s night. They were talking about how excited they were for Christmas day. They couldn’t wait to open their presents, eat turkey and play games. Whilst they were talking, there was a sudden knock at the door and George ran to open it.

There, outside in the cold and the darkness, stood a child with no shoes on his feet and all he was wearing was thin, ragged clothes. He was shivering and coughing. He was so cold he could barely speak. Before he even had time to ask if he could come inside and sit by the fire, George and Danielle invited him to join them.

They took the little stranger to their warm seat, gave him a blanket and offered him some hot chocolate and marshmallows, which their friend Ainsley had made them. They spoke for hours and hours, giggled and giggled until it was time for bed.

Danielle ran upstairs and made their little friend a bed with fresh sheets and comfy pillows whilst her and George slept on the floor. They knew that he needed comfort more than them.

When the clock stroke midnight, there was a bright light that awoke George and Danielle. As they sat up, their new friend was stood by the door. He didn’t look cold anymore, and his clothes were no longer ragged. He was now surrounded by a bright light.

His soft voice said: “I was cold and you took me in. I was hungry, and you fed me. I was tired, and you gave me a place to sleep. I wish to thank you for your kindness with this gift.”

Once the light had dimmed, George and Danielle could now see a red suit, with a white furry trim, a big belly and a jolly man. It was me, boys and girls. I was the little boy that they had so kindly taken in.

I thanked George and Danielle for their kindness and gave them their gifts and returned to my sleigh to give the other lovely boys and girls gifts.

As you may know children, only good children receive gifts, so I hope you have done something kind this year to someone whether it’s a friend or family member. There is still plenty of time.

Santa Story 2 – The Day the Reindeer Flew Backwards

There once was a Christmas unlike any the North pole and myself had ever seen. It is known as the slow year. For you that don’t know what that means, it was the year when the elves became waaaaaaaay behind their toy-making schedule. It got so bad that a rumour began to spread amongst the villagers in the north pole. The rumour was that I was going to reschedule Christmas. Can you imagine?

Luckily, this did not happen. The elves managed to get all the toys made in the nick of time. But there’s something else you should know about this day because what happened was very funny. Remember I told you it was known as the slow year? It was also known as the backward flyering reindeer year. That year you have heard of, I can see. Well let me tell you a little bit more about it.

It was the most strangest of sites.

Buddy the Elf, a good personal friend of mine, who saw himself as a bit of an expert in flying my sleigh, was up in the sky with the reindeer practicing his landings, fancy twists and turns and other fun stunts. As you can imagine, just like everyone who drives any kind of vehicle, it takes practice to be good at anything. Flying magical sleighs takes extra practice!

Every year for the Annual North Pole Christmas show, Buddy and the magical reindeer show off their flying skills. This particular year he and the reindeer perform barrel rolls, loop-d-loops, figure eights, and the famous Upside Down Double Nut Roll-A-Way. Very entertaining to watch!

One night, during an extra- long practice session, Buddy accidentally steered the reindeer directly over the Earth’s Magnetic North Pole, which is the top of the world!

After flying through this magnetic zone, the reindeer and Buddy had begun to fly backwards. For the villagers they thought Buddy had trained the reindeer to fly backwards and applauded his amazing skills. It wasn’t until they landed, in backward fashion, and started walking backwards to the reindeer barn that the villagers knew something weird had happened! What made this worse, was that their speech was also backwards! Instead of saying “Hello Santa” they said “Atnas Olleh”. Instead of “Ho, ho, ho” they said “oh, oh, oh!” Can you imagine?!

The North-Pole villagers decided that they needed to figure out how to fix this, and quickly!

The elves tried all kinds of treatments, but nothing worked! The elves were very worried and upset, and they all stopped their work while trying to think of what could be done. This is why they were so behind with making toys!

Luckily, I was there boys and girls, and I knew exactly what to do.

I ran straight to Mrs Claus, my lovely wife, and asked her to whip up a special batch of cookies called the ‘Seikooc Samtsirch Drawkcab’ cookies. Can you guess what that means? It means the ‘Backward Christmas Cookies’. It’s a magical cookie that can help with backwards flyering reindeer.

I gave some to Buddy and the reindeer and within seconds it worked wonderfully and just in time to finish those toys to bring you here today!

That’s right – the year of the backwards flyering reindeer in 2017!

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