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hire-father-christmas-for-events-partiesHistory of Father Christmas – Who is he?

The story of Father Christmas is one we all know well, especially as the winter season begins to approach us. He is the giver of gifts, a beloved childhood hero, and the face of a holiday that has brought families and friends together for centuries. But who is this mysterious man who brings us presents in the night with the help of his elves and his reindeer on his lovely sled? Most indications seem to point back to man we know as Saint Nick. St Nicholas of Myra isn’t just another name for Father Christmas (like Chris Kringle), but an actual historic figure. He was a saint and early Greek church father still revered by Catholics, Anglicans, and Orthodox Christians today. Known for his love of children and as a toy maker who brought gifts to the poorest among them, it’s easy to see how the story of Father Christmas evolved into what it is today.

In America they call him Santa Clause, and is known among the Dutch as Sinterklaas. The image of we have of him as the jolly, round old man with the white beard and red suit delivering presents in the night, many believe, was inspired in part by the famous poem “A visit from St Nicholas” written in 1823 and perhaps the art of cartoonist Thomas Nast.

Today he is simply a face that goes with the joy of the Christmas season and the figure that represents the giving and charitable spirit that goes so hand-in-hand with it.

Hire A Christmas

This year you can bring your Christmas to life for your kids or at your next Christmas party. We hire out Father Christmas performs to bring fun and laughter to children and adults alike. Our performers are experienced professionals who can bring joy to your family friends this season or even perform as professionals in shopping centres and grottos across the U.K. They’re also well acquainted promotional events and other public interactions.

Our performers are among the best and will bring your holidays to life while still reminding you of the reason for the season. Gives us a call or email to discuss what you’re looking for in a Father Christmas, and we’ll happy to send one your way to make this Christmas like no other.