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Santa’s top jokes from Hire-a-Santa!

Santa’s top jokes from Hire-a-Santa!Santa loves sharing a joke with his elves as they sit around the fire at night or while they are busy working. They have decided to share of their best with all their friends. Sit back, and find out what makes them laugh.

20. What happened to the reindeer who lost its tail?
He bought a new one from the re-tail shop

19. Why is the Christmas turkey not hungry?
Because he is stuffed

18. Why does the large snowball look red & white?
Santa tried to roll down the hill

17. What made the gingerbread man decide to visit the doctor in a hurry?
He felt crumbly

16. What’s the ideal breakfast for a snowman?
Crispy Snowflakes

15. For what reason is Christmas actually just one more day at work?
You accomplish everything and the person wearing a red suit gets all the praise

14. What’s Santa’s favourite place on holiday?
Visiting the ho-ho-tel

13. What’s Santa’s nationality?
North Polish

12. What do you call somebody who doesn’t believe in the existence of Father Christmas?
A revolutionary that doesn’t possess a Claus

11. What happens when a vampire bites a snowman?
He gets frostbite

10. Why did Santa get his sleigh for free?
The sleighmakers said it was ‘on the house’.

9. Why do elves like listening to music while they work?
It helps them to ‘rap.

8. What’s on the Snowmen lunch menu?

7. What’s found in every kitchen at Christmas?
A Mince Spy

6. How did the sea greet Santa?
It waved!

5. Why do Santa’s elves visit the doctor?
They have little ‘elf’ esteem

4. What does Santa fear most when coming down a narrow chimney?
Experiencing ‘claustrophobia’

3. How do snowmen like to spend their holidays?
Chilling out

2. Why are Christmas trees so bad at knitting?
They are always losing their needles

1. How does Santa clean his sleigh?
With Santa-izer!

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