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Planning a Kid’s Christmas Party?

Prepare some games and activities in advance, to keep them entertained.

Jingle bells
You need some paper cups and a handful of jingle bells. Place the cups in a group on a table. How many bells can the kids throw into the cups? It’s a test of accuracy and skill. But make sure the children throw from the same point – unless they are smaller & younger in which case they can go closer.

Snowman knockdown
Some white cups and rolled up socks are all you need for this game. Add a snowman face to each cup. Build the cups into a snowman tower. In turn, the kids throw the socks at the tower and see how many they can knock down.

Guess the stocking
Before the party starts fill a large sock or stocking with a variety of items such as pinecones, bows, ornaments, crackers. Tie the top of the stocking so that no one can see inside. The kids have to hold and feel the stocking and try to guess what is inside. Have a little prize ready for the child that makes the most accurate guesses.

Pass the parcel
This is a perennial favourite, and never loses its appeal. Before the party starts, make up a big parcel using a small box containing some Christmas treats and wrap it time and time again in wrapping paper. Sitting in a ring, the children pass the parcel to each other, and whenever the music stops the person holding the parcel can unwrap a layer.

Invite Santa to your party
A knock at the door revealing a familiar figure complete in red outfit, white beard and bulging sack, is the perfect way to end any children’s party. No problems trying to reach him at the North Pole either – just give us a ring. There are lots of very professional, CRB checked Santa’s on our books so we will always have one local to you.

Get a quote to Hire a Professional Santa

If you want to find our how much it would be for a Santa to visit or simply how it works then simply pop us an email or call us by clicking here!