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7 Tips for a Safe and Happy Christmas!

As you can imagine, the elves at Hire a Santa just love Christmas. All year round they work hard so when the festive season rolls around once again, everything is organised – and that makes for a great Yuletide.

Christmas should be a happy time but we know that isn’t always the case. And one thing that can happen is that with all the extra lights and decorations hanging around at home, accidents happen.

Here are our top tips for a safe and happy Christmas this year…

TIP 1 Take care with candles

The nights are drawing in and this makes for a cosy feel in the home, probably helped along with soft lighting, twinkling tree lights and candles.

But be VIGILANT when you have candles burning because things can soon catch alight.

Always make sure that they are on a surface that won’t get hot and that you don’t leave candles unattended. Watch pets and children when candles are lit too.

TIP 2 Buy safe gifts

Christmas is an expensive time. As well as setting a budget and sticking to it, we can be tempted to top for the ‘bargain bucket’. Black Friday is a great time to get bargains especially on tech and electrical goods but don’t be tempted to buy cheap imports because they may not be safe. Always check children’s gifts to make sure they are safe.

TIP 3 Christmas lights don’t last forever

They are your favourite lights but like other electrical items, Christmas tree lights don’t last forever. Check them before you use them and if there is damage to them, don’t use them.

From frayed cables to dodgy connections, if they have ‘seen better days’, advice from our elves strongly suggest you recycle them and buy some new, safer ones.

TIP 4 Be organised

The hub-bub and excitement of Christmas morning is a delight to witness in many family households but you know, all that running around looking for scissors, screwdrivers and other bits and bobs is an accident waiting to happen. The elves in the ‘Organising

Department’ suggest getting hold of a pretty basket or tub, putting in screwdrivers, batteries, scissors and other small bits that may be needed to get toys out of the packet and up and running!

TIP 5 Do NOT drink and drive (or drug and drive)

All those parties and get-togethers, all those offers of drinks and encouragement to ‘just have one’, followed by ‘you’ll be fine to drive’ can make for a very unhappy Christmas.

PLEASE don’t drink and drive, it really isn’t worth it. And if you plan on taking recreational drugs, leave your car at home.

TIP 6 Be mindful

Toys scattered everywhere, trailing cables, scrunched up wrapping paper along with

Christmas excitement is thrilling… but also problematic for causing trips and falls. Set aside 5 minutes to have a tidy up, putting wrapping paper in the recycling and making sure that small bits that could be swallowed or chewed by the household pet are put out of reach.

TIP 7 Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy

And this final tip is from our own hire a Santa professionals – Christmas is about love, joy, peace and enjoyment. So don’t forget to switch off, kick back and enjoy it!

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