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How to Plan the Best Christmas Party!

The festive season is but a few short weeks away and if like us, you love the glitz and warmth of Christmas, then you will appreciate our x-point plan for hosting the BEST Christmas party!

#1 Be organised

When it comes to Christmas invitations, you need to be organised and send them out at least two to three weeks in advance. Christmas is a busy time and so you want to make sure that your party is at the top of everyone’s list.

#2 The menu

Like most parties, the secret to a delicious menu is to not only plan and make dishes in advance but to keep it simple. It tends to be the season of over-indulgence so sometimes, keeping some dishes lighter than the normal Christmas fare usually goes down a treat. And if your guests want to bring something, ask them to arrive with either a sweet or savoury dish because that way, you won’t end up with a bowl of crisps and 20 chocolate yule logs.

#3 Games

Playing at least some festive games can bring a little cheer and merriment to your Christmas party. It certainly helps the conversation to flow and the laughter to keep ringing. And there is no need to be stuck for festive party game ideas either.

#4 The dinner table setting

If you decide to host a dinner party – and why not?! – then spend more time than you normally would on creating a stunning festive Christmas dinner party table. From pretty tea lights to a stunning table piece, the festive table should be shimmering and glowing with love.

#5 Invite Santa

The man in red is a must at every Christmas party or dinner party, whether it is a child’s nursery party or a get together with colleagues, family and friends. You can always dress your favourite Uncle Bill up in a red suit with plenty of cotton wool for a beard or you can surprise your guests with an authentic looking professional Santa. Wouldn’t he be great for giving out gifts?

#6 Parting party gifts

Bidding farewell to your guests can be more than a peck on the cheek or a handshake. Party bags are not just for children, you know! Slide a few inexpensive Christmas gifts into party bags and as guests leave, wish them season’s greetings with a cute bag.

#7 Kick back, relax, enjoy

That is your mantra for getting through any Christmas season. It can be an unrelenting round of parties, events, school plays and charity nights. And that is why when it comes to your own festive party, you regularly chant in your head ‘kick back, relax, enjoy’ because if there is one thing that Christmas is meant to be, it is a time to enjoy the company of others.

Tell us what was your best Christmas party? What made it special? We’d love to hear your ideas for a brilliant Christmas party.

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