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How can I save money at my Office Christmas party?

Given the year that 2020 has turned out to be, it is more important than ever that we have a celebration & do not break the bank to do so.

Remember it is not cheating to check with your team what they would like to do! Collecting suggestions earlier on in the year helps to build excitement. It may well be that the party that people have in mind is not the most expensive suggestion. The costs that normally skyrocket your bill are the venue and the food.

Top suggestions to reduce costs for a Christmas party

  1. Venue – If feasible look to use your office as the venue itself. For a fraction of the cost you can then make the office fun with décor and games
  2. Catering – Cut back costs by supplying pizza / cold buffets for your team. Alternative cost saving options are to ask each of your team to bring one item of food for a buffet.
  3. Alcohol – Presuming that you have decided to run your party outside of a venue, the saving on alcohol is massive! Stock up at your supermarket in advance to cater for your team.
  4. Entertainment – Office parties are great for allowing teams to spend time with people that they typically would not see. Sometime the best games are the simple ones like Twister, Beer pong, cards etc.  Why not contact us to supply a Santa? With prices starting from as little as £150 + VAT for off peak bookings we can add the magic to your party.
  5. Theme – To help keep costs down for your team, fancy dress themes can be left open, allowing your staff to dig out that old ABBA costume they brough for a party 10 years ago.

Getting in touch

All you need to do is contact the team at Hire a Santa with more details about your event, how many Santa’s/elves you need to attend to make sure the Christmas magic is at its best by emailing us.  Better still, call one of our office elves on 0844 800 0071.