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Christmas in 2020 to be the biggest yet!Christmas in 2020 to be the biggest yet!

Even as early as March 2020 it was clear that it would be the year of disruptions, postponement, and panic. Although not yet confirmed, momentum has been gathering around the likelihood of most restrictions being fully relaxed in December meaning a surge in demand for services & products.

This begs the question, when us the right time to start planning and booking in your Santa for 2020? Ina typical year it is common for Festive performers to be fully booked by early September. However, with most businesses banking on a Q4 boom in demand paired with our guarantee that any services cancelled / unable to take pace due to covid-19 not resulting in cancellation fees there has never been a better time to secure your performer before services run out.

What are the benefits of planning early?

1 – Boost sales in the toughest trading year
In the UK, the present conditions for the high street are unprecedented in war times.
Consumers are looking to spend, and this is no different at Christmas.
With a comprehensive Christmas marketing strategy, you can set the wheels in motion for branding, as well as choosing the products that you know your customers will love.

2 – Engaging Christmas marketing strategy
Getting your marketing ready for launch early is essential.
This allows you to have the momentum and time to focus on maximising sales every day in the run-up Christmas. From using posting schedules online for social media to designing and printing flyers and other offline material, a detailed marketing strategy is essential.

3 – Hire a professional Santa for your grotto
Grottos not only attract more customers to your store, if managed correctly they are a fantastic revenue for you Q4 figures. The opportune time to book your professional Santa and other festive performers is now. Many clients will book their performers in January to secure their performer. There are also many Santa’s available on a first come first served basis. Our professional Santas can be hired for events across the UK, and are well-versed in making the very best of Christmas in-store promotions and events.

Getting in touch to hire a professional Santa…

The price we give you is all inclusive so no surprises after your quote. Our main concern is that we get you the best person to play the role of Santa. After all, the success of your performer will dictate the success of your event.

Complete the form below and a friendly member of the Envisage Agency team will give you a call or if you prefer call us on 0844 800 0071, we look forward to speaking with you