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Santa hire for Garden Centres

Over numerous years, we have worked closely with a variety of Garden Centres throughout the UK, some of our clients being well established set-ups and some being new to running Christmas events.

We have teamed up with Garden Centre’s who have put on Polar Express train adventures around the centre, with the final stop being Santa’s grotto to visit Kris Kringle and his little helpers adding the crucial piece of Christmas magic.

Meanwhile, we have worked with smaller operations in which the skill of our Santa’s and Christmas performers really come to light, this may include reading Christmas stories to the children and helping wrap presents at workstations. 

How we help share the festive spirit.

We appreciate that every event is unique, with different specifications and requirements – our Christmas team liaise with event organisers to help us understand the campaign as part of our service package, this will also include creating schedules, providing costumes and hand picking the correct performers to fill Santa’s boots.

Once we have selected the ideal performers, we will provide them with a full brief so they have a great insight to what is needed to make the event unforgettable, this will include any specific details such as naughty and nice lists.

We always suggest our Santa’s visit the centre before the event for a quick meeting. This helps them understand the layout and ask any additional questions that might occur during the visit.

Who are our performers?

All the Santa’s we provide are professionals, with bags of acting experience and costume performance under their belts. They come from a variety of backgrounds from theatre performers to children’s entertainment – some have even had Santa training in Lapland!

Our actors are all age appropriate, so that they really look the part accompanied with the high-quality bespoke costumes that we issue.

As a key priority to us and the children’s welfare, all our Santa’s are DBS checked and updated on a regular basis.