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Professional Santa Hire

Excited, pyjama clad children crowd the platforms at Froghall Station, Staffordshire as the great steam locomotive comes into sight. This is the night they have all been waiting for – the arrival of the magical, wonderful, Polar Express.

Carriages are quickly filled with eager families, keen to head for the wonders of the North Pole. Who might they meet along the way? Will the strange Hobo make an appearance? Will the Conductor be showing off new dance moves while punching tickets? Above all, will they meet Santa Claus? Just where will he be found?

The excitement, anticipation and fun mounts as the wheels turn, and steam pours past the windows with glimpses of the darkened countryside passing by. Every coach is a blaze of cheerful light, yet at times eclipsed by the flashes of the dancing Northern Lights outside. Then, passing through the carriages comes the character everyone has been waiting for – Santa Clause himself. Chatting to every child, and making sure no one is left out, Santa hands out exquisite silver bells ensuring that the magic of Christmas will never be forgot.

It wasn’t just the children and their parents who were enthralled. Our group of Santa’s were also enjoying the experience of a lifetime.

The Churnet Railway had asked us to provide a group of seven Santa’s every day until Christmas, ensuring that every Polar Express had its own personal Santa. These had to be the best possible Santa’s – after all they had to meet the strict demands of enthralled children as well as bringing alive the magic of the Polar Express. It is not easy chatting and giving out bells, while trying to keep their balance in a swaying train as it pounded along the rails.

They also had to be constantly aware of the time. Timetables had to be kept which meant that every encounter with a child on the train had to have a strict time limit – but no child had to be aware of it. Santa had to be able to visit every child on the train before the journey ended, allowing him to say good bye and quietly disappear from sight, ready for the next journey.

Local Santa’s only!

We only use Santa’s from the local area, which meant every Santa knew the Churnet Railway and were familiar with the various stations along the way. Every Santa we provided had worked with us before, and were highly experienced. They had frequently played the role of Santa on many other occasions. They knew just how important it was to keep the magic alive. Every child who came to the Churnet Railway Polar Express went away happy, with a special silver bell and totally believing they had met Santa Claus.

We covered 140 train journeys throughout December, and each one had the perfect Santa. The results were impressive – glowing customer reviews on the Churnet Valley Railway Trustpilot. It was pure magic for everyone!

Want to hire your own special Santa Claus? Just contact us now for instant help. We have been providing professional DBS checked Santa’s since 2010 and have the best Santa’s ready to help you create a magical Christmas encounter.