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Ever thought of using professional actors to launch your topics in school?

Nothing captures a child`s imagination like a real live Viking walking into their classroom first thing on a Monday morning! Imagine the wide eyes as a fully suited and booted Viking roars across the room- what a memorable way to launch a brand new educational topic for the children!
Professional actors can add an unforgettable dimension to a topic launch, playing the character, answering questions about their lifestyle, wearing authentic outfits and being available for photographs with the children.

What can the actors be booked to do?

Actors are available for many Key Stage 2 history topics, such as The Tudors, World War 2, The Romans, The Greeks, The Ancient Egyptians, The Vikings and The Stone Age or we can discuss any different requirements that you have.
Besides history, other subjects can be covered such as a famous scientist, possibly Albert Einstein, for a science week launch.
A musical/singing/dancing actor for a special assembly or as a launch for a school performance.
Professional story tellers can make a strong impact at the start of a literacy topic, engaging children to listen and be immersed in a different world.

Other ideas for schools and nurseries

Instead of a trip, which involves expensive coach travel, then why not give the children an end of year treat in school instead? Used as an incentive for working hard, children would love to have something more unusual as an end of year treat, such as:
• Magic shows
• Live music session
• Balloon modelling
• Puppet making classes & shows
• DJ`s for discos
Visit from Santa

Making a real impact on children`s education and giving them a long lasting memorable experience is important to schools, parents and our staff. After all, we don`t want the usual answer to “What did you do at school today?”….