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Santa Photos with Pets

hire santa for a pet photoshootVisiting Santa is not just for kids – it’s for pets as well. More and more pet lovers are taking their furry friends to meet Santa at Christmas.

Pets play a major role in our lives. They provide company, entertainment and above all love and affection. We like to spend time with them, and give them lots of treats. Sharing special events like Christmas is important which is why having a pet picture with Santa is becoming very popular.

It makes a wonderful image on your wall, or social media account.

But meeting Santa can be a bit frightening for your pet. After all, it may be the first time your pet has encountered a stranger dressed in bright red, with a long flowing beard and been asked to sit still while someone takes a photograph. Even more stressful, your pet may be unused to wearing costumes or being around large numbers of strangers and other pets. Instead of being a fun event, it could be an ordeal.

With a little bit of thought you can help your pet get ready for that all-important visit to Santa.

Pet Christmas Costumes

Many pet owners like to dress up their pet for the occasion. It may mean wearing reindeer antlers, a bright red cap, extra bells or even a red coat.

Allow your pet to get to used to the costume before the big day. Let them sniff it, examine it and then try it on. Let them wear it for a little while around the house. Make sure it isn’t tight or uncomfortable. Your pet needs to be able to stand up and walk comfortably in the costume, as well as sit and lie down.

If you pet hates wearing a costume, try a festive collar or bandana instead.

Christmas Crowds

Even pets accustomed to crowds can get restless and unhappy faced with the Christmas crowds. Visits to shopping malls and busy high streets can make them feel very uncomfortable. Take your pet early in the morning before it becomes too crowded.

Alternatively, make it a really personal event. Arrange for Santa to come to your house and have a little event with your pet (and perhaps share the cost with some close friends too?). Have a doggy get together this Christmas! It would certainly create some really memorable happy photographs for everyone to share.

Make your pet comfortable

Meeting a stranger can be very off putting for a pet, especially if they are wearing a strange costume as well. Give your pet time to meet Santa before taking a photograph. Walk up to Santa and allow time for your pet to sniff, have a stroke and a scratch behind the ears. Perhaps you could have a special treat ready for Santa to give your pet. Make sure your pet is happy and can see you – remember you make your pet feel secure – when the photo is being taken.

Santa loves pets and will give them the time they need to get used to him. Contact us now to arrange a pet meeting with Santa, it makes the perfect Christmas photograph that you will cherish forever.