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What questions should children ask Santa when they meet him?

What questions should children ask Santa when they meet himOne of the hardest tasks facing parents at Christmas is dealing with awkward questions about Santa. It can be really tough trying to decide just what to say. And it’s not just parents who are likely to face these questions – so will every Santa meeting kids in the run up to the big day.

Being prepared in advance with some good answers is essential!

How can Santa visit every child around the world in just one night?

He takes advantage of the time changes. After all, when it is night time in New York or London, children in Australia have already received all their presents. He has a lot more time than you might think – and of course, those magic reindeer fly very quickly!

There is no chimney at our house. How can Santa deliver our presents?

Don’t forget the front door. Santa can walk through a door just as well as climbing down a chimney. He has to have another way of entering as it can be very dangerous if a fire is lit in the fireplace. Make a special key that only Santa can use and put it beside the front door.

How does Santa know whether children have been bad or good?

Santa has lots of helpers passing him information such as mummies & daddies, aunts & uncles, grandparents, teachers, babysitters as well as lots of toys keen to report back. Messages are sent to Santa every day, keeping his team of elves very busy. So you have to be on your best behaviour all the time – you never know when Santa may be checking up.

Why does my Mum use the same wrapping paper as Santa?

Sometimes Santa arrives at a house to discover that some toys have not been properly wrapped. He has to borrow your Mum’s wrapping paper to make sure that the presents are ready for you to open.

How do I know you are truly Santa?

Kids are quick to recognise that there always seems to be lots of people wearing Santa costumes in December. This is because Santa needs a lot of help, it is such a busy time that he needs some assistants who can talk to kids about their Christmas lists, and report back to him.