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Tips to ensure your children have a magical Santa experience!

Christmas is coming and meeting Santa Claus is a priority for children. How else will he know what to bring on Christmas Day?

Taking a child to see Santa can be a magical experience. The sight of Santa surrounded by sacks of presents, helpful elves, twinkling lights and gaily bedecked Christmas trees adds to the wonder and joy that makes up Christmas.

But for some children it can be overwhelming. Even confident children can suddenly lose their courage when faced with the Big Man himself. Will he believe them when they say they have behaved? It can be scary meeting a complete stranger. There may be tears, a reluctance to walk into Santa’s workshop or worst of all, total refusal to go any further.

Instead of a fun, magical experience, a visit to Santa can turn into a nightmare for everyone.

Thankfully there are ways to reduce the risk of this happening.

Get your kids excited about this special visit

Make sure children know what to expect. Tell them about Santa Claus. Read some stories about him. Let them watch some films starring Santa Claus in positive, friendly adventures. Give them time to draw up a list of possible presents they would love him to bring.

Avoid crowded locations

Shopping malls can be very crowded and noisy. For little ones, it can be very overwhelming and stressful. Avoid weekends when shopping malls are at their busiest, and go at a quieter time perhaps in the early morning on a weekday. There will be less time to wait, and that means less time for children to get restless or worried.

Consider different venues

Think about other ways to meet Santa. Perhaps you could book a visit to the zoo, or a steam train ride to see Santa? Or you could even book a private Zoom call so your children can talk to him from the comfort of their own home.

Choose snacks carefully

Avoid giving kids a sugar rush. Too many sweets and hot chocolate can make kids over active. Have an apple or banana in your bag ready for that moment when your child suddenly says ‘I’m hungry.”

Leave it to Santa

If your child seems reluctant, give Santa time to deal with it. Santa will be used to reluctant and shy children, and will know how to get their attention.


If you are relaxed, then your children are more likely to be relaxed about seeing Santa. Just enjoy the event and whatever memories that result. It will always be special.