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Ever thought about being Santa?

There can be little doubt that this is one of the most highly sought after jobs every Christmas. Just think of all those visits to garden centres, shopping centres, shops, historic houses, heritage attractions, Santa specials and even personal visits to schools, community centres and homes that Santa has to undertake. He needs a lot of helpers which means a lot of people have to don that red outfit and white beard every Christmas.

Envisage aka Santa Hire Agency

Having been providing the best Santa’s in the business for many years, we really know all the secrets of being the best Santa in the business.

Even when it is hot and sunny out there, and most people are relaxing on the beach or enjoying the outside, plans are already being laid for Christmas preparations. Some companies such as historic houses and steam trains began preparing and thinking about their Christmas requirements immediately after Christmas ended.

Having Santa present is essential. As a result, anyone wanting to book a visit from Santa starts thinking early. By the end of summer, most Santa booking are already filled!

It’s not a job you can simply walk into. You need to learn how to be Santa. Training is essential and the earlier you start your training the better. Think ahead and don’t leave it to the last minute.

Why not take part in one of our Santa Schools and learn the secrets of being Santa? You could be surprised by the sheer amount of work you could be experiencing this Christmas.

Santa School is hard work. You really learn everything about being a good, believable Santa, from wearing the costume to avoiding having beards pulled. Then there are all the awkward questions that children raise dealing with potential gifts, how reindeer fly and how you reach so many households in just one night.

You need to get the answers right every time. You need to behave perfectly in character all the time. Children have expectations – they do not expect to hear Santa swearing, see him smoking or eating. They expect him to be friendly, informative about the world in which he lives at the North Pole. Promises given have to be kept. One little slip up can mar a child’s visit to Santa irreparably.

So we make sure you know everything you need to know in advance down to the most basic of administration tasks.

Everyone who attends our Santa School will leave the school fully equipped to take on the role of a perfect Santa Claus.

We will teach you:

• How to wear the costume and look after it
• Learn about beards, the pros and cons of fake versus real beards
• How to behave and how NOT to behave
• How to engage and talk to children
• How to deal with shy or scared children
• How to talk to parents (and ensure you don’t make promises they cannot fulfil!)
• Posing for pictures
• Prizes and gifts

Background details:

Discover all the history and legends surrounding Santa Claus
What are the most frequently asked questions asked by kids – and how do you answer them! It can range from reindeer names to manufacturing toys, travel and food.
Find out about popular toys and what is likely to be trending this Christmas
Learn about popular films starring Santa Claus
Find out what kids might ask you about children’s TV programmes

Behind the scenes requirements:

• How to be a professional Santa
• DBS – what they are, why they are essential, how to get them, what they cost and exactly which one you need
• Administration – creating invoices, dealing with HMRC and what to charge
• Improve your confidence and people skills
• Talk to a professional Santa
• Have pictures taken for our website to promote you to our clients
• Obtain a certificate showing you have completed all the required training.

After santa training

Earn lots of extra money!

How much does Santa School cost?

£99 per person. You need to pay a deposit of £45* to secure your place. The remainder has to be paid within 7 days of your training session.
*Non-refundable if you cancel within 10 days of the training session

To find out more about our Santa School complete this online enquiry form.
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