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Tips to avoid getting stressed at Christmas

Tips to avoid getting stressed at ChristmasChristmas can be magical and memorable – but it is also very stressful. Shopping, finding presents, extra bills to pay, parties, preparing extra special meals, dealing with potential family conflicts and of course over-excited children are the downside of this season.

There are ways you can decrease the stress.

Create a list

Just like Santa make a list of everything you need to do. Check it regularly, and mark off activities when they are complete.

Avoid too many commitments

You don’t have to attend every single party. Choose wisely and work out which ones you really, really want to which you want go.

Stick to your budget

Decide how much you can afford to spend on Christmas preparations and activities. Check at intervals to make sure you are not exceeding your targets.

Don’t leave shopping to the last minute

The closer it is to Christmas, the busier the shops. Shopping earlier, and making sure that as much as possible is purchased in advance reduces stress levels. It gives you time to relax and enjoy Christmas.

Book your kid’s visit to Santa

Don’t leave it to the last minute. Think about where you want to go? Do you want to go to a shopping centre? You could try a leisure attraction such as a steam train ride. Local charities often bring Santa in to meet children at a festive event. Or how about booking a Santa to pay a visit to your home?

A personal visit from Santa can be a very fun activity. You can keep it just for your kids, or use it as part of a children’s Christmas party.

It can be a far less stressful activity than queuing up in a busy shopping mall. Kids, especially tired or fretful, can lose patience waiting. Shy kids can find it hard talking to a man in a big red suit and wearing a long beard when they are in a strange setting and surrounded by strangers. Meeting him at home, in familiar surroundings, perhaps with friends close by, can make it much more fun and relaxing.

Result – an enjoyable, memorable Christmas that you will never forget.