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How to Plan the Best of Christmas Office Parties

The festive season is upon us and for many, that means running the gauntlet of Christmas parties. Some you may look forward but other Christmas events less so. And one that may either fill you with dread or excited delight is the office Christmas party.

If organising the Christmas works do falls to you, what do you need to consider to make it the best Christmas party your colleagues will be talking about for months to come – and not just because David from accounts danced on the boss’s desk

#1 Budget, budget, budget

We can’t do anything without first considering the budget. Christmas can be an expensive time of year, meaning that many of us are balancing the Christmas parties and other festive treats with the annual run of buying presents, the Christmas turkey and so on.

Setting a budget per head helps people to plan for the financial implications of the works do, something that is important.

If you want to do something other than just going to the pub, a £40 to £50 a head may get you a pleasant Christmas dinner and entertainment packaged at a fair to middling quality hotel.

Add another £20 per head and you could live it up with a Vegas-style themed party or bust the budget with £100 a head for something quirky and bespoke to your business.

#2 Theme it

The problem with an endless round of Christmas parties is that it means overindulging in drink and food… and nothing more.

Up the ante with a theme, although this doesn’t necessarily mean Christmas one…

Glamour – up the ante with a glamorous night by suggesting a James Bond theme. That basically means black tie and glam dresses because why can’t we dress up every now and then
The roaring 20s – the Great Gatsby era affords us so many dressing up opportunities but again, glam is the name of the game. Flippy dresses and black ties are the name of the game, as well as plenty of energetic dancing.
Film appeal – characters from iconic films are also great if you want to dress up as a character. Charlie and the Chocolate factory presents plenty of opportunities, as do superheroes and the films of a similar ilk.

#3 The venue and the location

Basically, you want to make your Christmas party easily accessible for everyone, which can present a transport nightmare. Essentially, you need a central location that people can reach via public transport or taxi without breaking the bank. If you are planning a more out-of-the-way venue, then choose a venue with accommodation.

#4 Entertainment

There is an assumption that simply because it is Christmas and this is the work’s do that conversation will flow and colleagues will naturally enjoy themselves. Entertainment, especially in the earlier part of the evening, will help the party to warm up.

Of course, you’ll need a professional Santa to add the festive touch and maybe give out a few gifts or even a speech about what the company has achieved over the past year, to entertainment including circus performers, stilt walkers, illusionists, cartoonists and more.

The Christmas party should be memorable for all the right reasons and there is still time to plan a great one!