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Is it EVER Too Early to Book a Santa?

We know that Christmas 2018 has only just past and it seems ludicrous to think about next Christmas, especially as it is 11 months away yet! But based on our recent busy Christmas, booking your Santa is not something to leave to the last minute…

Busy Festive Season

Christmas 2018 marked our busiest ever festive season when it came to hiring a Santa for UK events. From shopping centre grottos to parties at nursing homes, our tribe of happy Santa performers were busy from late November right up to the big day itself.

In fact, there were over 700 ‘Santa days’ that our performers were the main attraction. The man in red proved to be popular with every client who booked them.

Giving our clients more for Christmas 2019

But it’s too early to think about the festive season, you may think or maybe you haven’t confirmed date and venue for your festive event 2019. We understand that and so it is possible to make a provisional booking with the Hire a Santa team.

And we are making changes to our professional hire a Santa service, making it even better;

  • The best choice – all our Santa’s are amazing performers but we know that what a client really wants when they hire Father Christmas is a larger than life character with a presence that is awe inspiring – and for many, that means a real white beard! If you want a Santa as close to the real thing as possible, then book your Santa now.
  • Bringing the magic of the season – Christmas is a magical time for many. Gently twinkling lights, real fires, cosiness and warmth are just some of the things we associate with the festive season. And that’s why we are investing in our Santa performers with new costumes and accessories for the upcoming festive season. Just how much better would your event be with the best Santa in the best kit?
  • Hiring more festive performers – our Santas and elves worked hard over the Christmas 2018 season and so its no wonder that they are spending the first few months of the year hibernating! Over the coming months, we will be actively seeking and training new festive performers. That means more Santas, more elves along with the kind, gentleness of Mother Christmas too.

Booking your Festive Performers Now

So just why is now the right time to hire a Santa, even though Christmas is still many months away?

  1. Control – you have more choice about the ‘type’ of Santa you hire, the team you need him to come with, as well when and where you need Santa.
  2. Budget – managing your budget means you get more for your money. Our prices are always competitive and so by knowing how much a professional hire a Santa is, you can manage your festive budget much better.
  3. Preparation – the festive season is busy. One minute it is weeks away and the next, it is piling on top of us! As well as work commitment, there is the whirlwind of social engagements too. So why wait and be even more stressed than you need to be?
  4. Enjoyment – the festive season is about joy and spreading happiness, a hard thing to do if you and your colleagues are running around trying to get everything done at the last minute. Book your Santa now and you know you have everything covered.

Call our team on 0844 800 0071 or use our contact form below to talk about your festive project as well as a free quotation. But don’t leave it too late to hire a Santa for 2019!

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