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Santa Claus Performing Top Tips

Santa Claus Performing Top TipsTaking on the role of Santa is highly important. One slip and you could ruin a child’s Christmas. So take a look at our list of top tips to avoid unfortunate mistakes.

Stay cool!

It can be hot inside those Santa costumes, especially when you are confined to an indoor grotto. Always have some drinking water at hand.

Take breaks

There will be times when you have to take a few minutes break. Have a helper at hand ready to step in and deal with queues and queries while you are away.

Prepare in advance

Get your helpers to help with preparations. Depending on the event, they may be able to provide lists of children’s names and the presents they are hoping to receive. Study this list beforehand and commit to memory. When the child meets you, you will be able to greet them using their name and really make the experience come alive.

Choose your greeting position carefully

Make eye contact with each child. This makes sure they feel they are really connecting with Santa.

Let younger children come to you. Don’t force them. It can be scary if they have not met Santa before and suddenly face this large adult in bright red clothing and big beard. Let them do the talking.

Have answers ready

Prepare in advance for the questions kids are likely to ask.

Is Rudolf your favourite reindeer? What is he doing now? How do you fly around the world in one night? A kid at school said Santa doesn’t exist – so who are you? We don’t have a chimney so how can you bring my presents? What do you feed the reindeers?


Never, ever say you will be bringing a specific present. You don’t want to disappoint them. Just say that you will talk to the elves and see what is in stock.


Make sure your beard is safely secured in place – there is always a risk that a child might pull it! Think about the additional ways to make your appearance totally authentic. Eyebrows for example need to match the colour of your beard. Use the right accessories such as a big sack bulging with wrapped presents, black boots rather than shoes, shiny belt and have some elf helpers nearby.

Be on time

Never be late. Children don’t like waiting. You do not want to disappoint them or make the experience an unhappy one.

Do you want to be a professional Father Christmas?

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