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Top Christmas Films of 2022

Put your feet up and relax with a new movie – Christmas 2022 saw a host of new Christmas themed movies appearing.

I Believe in Santa
What happens when a woman who hates Christmas falls for a man who loves Christmas? What if Santa is real? Christmas is one man’s obsession, one woman’s nightmare. Just how do you combine the two? Which viewpoint is going to succeed, especially when you don’t want to upset children asking about Santa. The result is a gentle feel good film that invariably raises a smile.

12 Days of Christmas Eve
A workholic businessman has little time for his family and personal relationships. Christmas has become a chore, taking him away from his business. All this changes when he is involved in a car accident on Christmas Eve. Santa Claus offers a very special present – the opportunity to relive Christmas Eve twelve times. Can he learn from his mistakes and regain his work/life/family balance? Above all, can he rediscover the true spirit of Christmas?

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse
A charming animated version of Charlie Mackesy’s book featuring four very unlikely friends. Amid a snowy landscape, this quartet of characters comprising a tiny mole, a fox, a little boy and a white horse learn about kindness and courage.

Mickey Saves Christmas
Who can resist Mickey Mouse? Faced with Christmas problems, Mickey and his friends especially Pluto have a race against time to make sure that all presents are delivered by Christmas morning. A stop motion animation involving lively figures, it makes a perfect family film.

Falling for Christmas
This is a lightweight, entertaining romance focusing on a spoiled hotel heiress who is seeking a purpose in life. Her father wants her to become his Vice President of Atmosphere – she is not so sure. A fall down a mountain results in a head injury causing amnesia, and she finds herself romantically involved with the owner of a failing ski lodge. Christmas takes on a very different atmosphere to the one she had originally intended.

Hotel for the Holidays
Another romantic Christmas film involving a manager at a posh hotel caught up in a love triangle with a royal prince and a hotel chef. Who is she going to choose? As winter celebrations take centre stage in the hotel, she has to contend with the differing approaches of her prospective boyfriends while dealing with the everyday concerns of guests.

Haul out the Holly
Lacey Chabert just wants a quiet Christmas looking after her parent’s home while they are away. Unfortunately the local community disagree and want all houses in the area decorated up for Christmas. Trying to match up with their expectations results in romance and a very different style of Christmas.