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Santa – Questions and Answers

Why does Rudolph’s nose glow red?

This is a mystery but it is thought that a magical elf could see the reindeer needed help to see better on very snowy nights.  So when Rudolph was born he gave him his magical nose.

What are Santa’s favourite cakes?

Santa loves anything sweet but if he has to choose it would be a jam sponge cake

Where do the reindeer live?

In a beautiful barn at the back of the toy workshop

What if there is no chimney?

If there is no chimney then Santa can get into your house in two ways.  You can leave Santa a magical key or he can blow his magic dust.  This creates a temporary chimney that only he can see.

How do the reindeer fly?

Magic Dust

How does Santa visit the whole world in one night?

His magic sleigh can fly thousands time faster than an aeroplane and night time is at different times depending where you live.  He always starts near Australia and finishes at Baker Island in the United States of America which is the last place in the world to turn midnight.

How does Santa get all the toys into the sleigh at one time?

His sleigh is a but like Doctor Who’s Tardis.  It looks tiny on the outside but is massive on the inside.

Why is Santa’s suit red?

Easy, because it is his favourite colour.

What if there is a bad weather on Christmas Eve?

The reindeer can fly in any weather and the colder it is the faster they can go.

Does Santa like Chocolate Milk?

He does but his favourite drink is EggNog, followed by a mince pie.

What do Santa’s reindeer like to eat?

Carrots are their favourite but they do like a bit of apple too!