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One Christmas to rule them all

For many of us, hosting Christmas is routine year in year out, however we do all have to do our dreaded first Christmas. Although recent studies have suggested its not just the pressure of ruining Christmas dinner that should challenge you. It is a dangerous time for your wallet…

Hosting parties will cost the average UK household £300 in food / drink bills alone! In this blog we are going to look at ways to both reduce the stress and the bills associated with hosting Christmas.

Budgeting & Prep for hosting

This cost of Christmas deems inevitable, the average Brit spends £1,522 over the festive season. Whilst nearly £500 of this figure accounts for money spent on festive getaways, we do spend a hefty £102 Christmas Day food shopping.

You can cut costs by looking out for special offers at supermarkets, though. To entice business many supermarkets offer bags of parsnips, carrots potatoes and other veg for under 20p! Many items can be purchased ahead of time, so to help manage the dent of food shopping this can be spread out across October and November too!

Many of the top awards for best produce have gone to Aldi in recent years. With blind tasting sessions showing that Aldi Christmas pudding even beat the likes of Waitrose.

A great tip to win at hosting is to prepare. It seems obvious, but with most of us used to cooking for 4 or less people, when it comes to suddenly entertaining 15 you must do your prep. Get veg peeled and left in water the day before.

Booking Santa

Hire A Santa has Santa Claus performers to hire throughout England, Scotland, and Wales and further afield, so the geographical location of your magical Christmas event has no bearing on the fantastic performers available for you to hire.

Let our Santa be the stand out entertainment of your hosting.

To talk to us about hiring a Santa Claus, Mrs Claus or elves then contact the Envisage team for a fast and FREE quotation. We will also send you testimonials and images of recent events. Click here to send us your requirements or call 0844 800 0071.