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What are the names of Santa’s Reindeers and Reindeer Facts

The most well-known reindeer is of course Rudolf.  This is because of his ‘Red Nose’ and there is a very well know song about him.  But did you know that Rudolph was not one of Santa’s original reindeers? #truestory 

The names of Father Christmas reindeers are called:-

Dasher  – one of Santa’s fastest reindeer

Prancer  – is known for caring the most about how he looks

Vixen – likes to play tricks on the other reindeers and is bit of a show off

Comet – loves to play ball games and likes to inspire children

Cupid – he is the most affectionate reindeer and has a very sweet tooth.  He much prefers a mince pie over a carrot

Donner – he is named after thunder and has a very deep voice (he is Blitzen’s twin)

Blitzen – he is named after lightening and is very fast and very playful.  And most importantly, always on time

Rudolph – he is a shy reindeer and was embarrassed of his red nose initially.  But once Santa realised his nose was a special gift he made him his lead reindeer and now has the love and respect of the other reindeers

Interesting facts about Reindeer

They are mostly thought off for pulling Santa’s sleigh and flying.  But there is a lot more too reindeers here are some facts :- 

  • In North America they are called caribou
  • Both genders grow antlers
  • Reindeers noses warm the air before it gets into their chest
  • Their hooves are bigger when the weather is warmer and shrink when it is cold
  • Their knees click when they walk so they can hear each other in a blizzard
  • Reindeers are VERY good at swimming
  • They have no internal body clock which is really helps their sleep cycles as they can adapt to living anywhere
  • The average life span is 15 years old (except for Santa’s magical reindeer of course)