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The Best Christmas Adverts 2019

There are many festive traditions to enjoy and in the Hire a Santa office, we like to keep a close eye on everything that happens over Christmas time. In fact, one of our festive traditions that we indulge in after the hard work of Christmas is which advertising campaigns were the best. Do you agree with our choices?

ASDA got sentimental

We’re used to tear-jerking offerings from John Lewis and others but in the main, the supermarkets have tended to focus on price. And so we were quite surprised that for Christmas 2019, Asda came over all sentimental with its campaign. Maybe the tide is turning with brand realising that successful campaigns don’t always have to be about price.

JOHN LEWIS and Edgar

Oh. My. Goodness. We always wait with bated breath to see what the creative team behind John Lewis’s Christmas campaign come up with and, as yet, we haven’t been disappointed. Excitable Edgar was the charmingly cute character that they came up with this year who, no matter how hard he tried, always seemed to get it wrong. With his wonderful friend helping him, his skills were put to better use. All we need sometimes is a helping hand.

WALKER’S CRISPS bagged a big star

There are many things associated with Christmas – twinkling light, trees, tinsel and Mariah Carey. Christmas songs by this songstress are never long off the Christmas playlist with Mariah herself ‘cashing in’ on the festive period with her festive crown firmly in place. And so when she popped up in the Walker’s Crisps adverts of the festive season, we shouldn’t have been surprised. Made us smile although we didn’t rush out for a pack of cheese and onion…

LIDL kept it real

Whilst Asda didn’t focus on price Lidl did but in a subtle way that tapped into what we all think in the weeks leading up to Christmas – and that is, just how expensive it can be! Still using its tagline ‘Big on quality, Lidl on price’ it addressed all those niggly bits about opting for quality without breaking the bank. And it showed what happens in most family homes over the Christmas break – charades and someone enjoying Christmas dinner sat on a deckchair.

BOOTS get to the heart of the problem

We know how much people worry about choosing a gift for their loved ones, hoping that they have chosen well and that it is received with the love that it is given. Most of the time, we get it just right but is there anything worse than getting it so wide of the mark that someone’s disappointment is palatable? Worry no more as Boots had it sorted with their Christmas campaign that dealt with the problem of gifting in a fun way. Certainly one of our favourites.

Which were your favourites?