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Hire Professional Elves

At Hire a Santa we don’t just provide professional Santa’s for events but also other Christmas Characters. We have been hiring our cheeky elves with or without Santa since 2010.
People like Elves to manage lines of people, entertain people whilst waiting to see Santa, direct people to where they need to go or simply tell stories.

Free Elf Script

We often get asked for scripts so here is a sample one below.

Title: A Magical Elf Encounter


Elf 1 (E1)
Elf 2 (E2)
[Scene: Santa’s Enchanted Waiting Area. Families are waiting in line to see Santa Claus. E1 and E2, dressed as lively elves, enter the stage.]

E1: (With a big smile) Greetings, dear friends! Welcome to our whimsical world of wonder! While we wait for Santa Claus, we have a delightful surprise in store for you.

Audience: (Excitedly) Yay!

E2: Prepare to be enchanted as we bring you on a merry adventure filled with laughter and joy. We are here to sprinkle some magic into your day!

E1: But first, we need the help of some eager volunteers. Who among you would like to join us in this fantastical journey?

[They encourage children and their families to raise their hands, selecting a few participants.]

E2: Wonderful! Our brave adventurers, step forward! Now, let us whisk you away to the mystical Land of Imagination.

E1: (Whispering to the participants) Are you ready to encounter mischievous fairies and outsmart the tricky gnomes?

Participants: (Nodding enthusiastically)

E2: Excellent! Hold on tight, everyone. Our adventure begins now!

[They guide the participants through an imaginary forest, where they encounter magical creatures and solve whimsical riddles along the way.]

E1: Look, everyone! We’ve stumbled upon the Giggling Glade. The fairies are known to grant wishes here. Let’s each make a wish and see if they come true!

[The participants close their eyes and make wishes, accompanied by the twinkling sounds and magical gestures of the elves.]

E2: Keep your wishes close to your hearts, adventurers. But our journey continues. We must cross the Silly Stream, where the water can make you burst into laughter!

[They guide the participants to pretend to cross a stream, mimicking laughter and joyful splashes.]

E1: Hooray! We made it across the Silly Stream. But our grand finale awaits—a dance with the Silly Santa’s Sprites!

[They lead the participants in a lively dance, encouraging everyone to let loose and dance with joy.]

E2: Bravo, adventurers! You danced with such delight. But now, it’s time to bid farewell to our magical journey.

E1: Remember, the magic doesn’t end here. Santa Claus awaits you just around the corner, ready to listen to your wishes and fill your hearts with joy.

E2: We hope our enchanted adventure brought smiles and laughter to your day. Thank you for joining us in this whimsical journey.

E1: Farewell and merry wishes to you all!

[They wave goodbye as the families applaud and express their gratitude. The elves exit the stage, leaving behind a sense of wonder and anticipation.]

Want to hire an elf?

If you would like to know more about hiring elves, Mrs Claus or other Christmas characters either call us on 0844 800 0071 or pop us an email here.