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Hire a Santa 365 Days of the Year!

Christmas is the one day of the year when everything seems to stop and we allow the festive magic into our homes. But for our clients, the need to hire a Santa doesn’t just mean the days in December – it can mean any time of the year.

Santa isn’t just for Christmas…

Not many people realise just how much time and effort goes into planning a Christmas marketing campaign.

Whilst the rest of us are still enjoying the summer sunshine and cocktails, marketing and PR companies are not just planning Christmas marketing campaigns but putting them into action. That means filming commercials, organising photo shoots, signing off Christmas packaging and much, much more.

We understand that our professional hire a Santas are needed not just in the weeks before Christmas but for 52 weeks of the year.

What services can our hire a Santas offer?

Our Santas are trained professionals who understand their responsibility for delivering the festive magic for children and adults, and that includes in the middle of summer.

Santa is such a well-loved and iconic figure, one that holds so many memories for children and adults alike. The last thing they want to see or experience is an amateur or grumpy Santa!

You can hire a Santa in the UK to deliver a range of promotional and marketing services at any time of the year including:

  • Voiceovers – as trained actors, you can hire a Santa to deliver voiceover work in the booming voice that he is known for!
  • PR stunts – why not hire a professional Santa for this year’s festive campaign or, if you want to inject a little fun into your summer, campaign, why not hire the iconic figure of Santa?
  • Commercials – filming of Christmas commercials happens in the heat of summer so that they are ready for maximum exposure from October onwards. Our Santas are for hire 365 days a year!
  • Photoshoots – again, our professional Santa performers have been involved in numerous photoshoots over the years including calendars and promotional materials!
  • Film extras – some of the most iconic festive movies just wouldn’t work if it wasn’t for the sprinkle of magic and a professional Santa performer. As trained actors and extras, our hire a Santas are ready for action!

Why hire a professional Santa?

There’s too much at risk to take a chance by hiring someone who ‘says’ they can carry off the big red suit.

Santa is expected to LOOK a certain way, BEHAVE in a certain way, SOUND a certain way… three things that someone who isn’t trained in the ‘Santa way’ nor a trained actor just can’t pull off.

Our professional Santas are not only convincing in their performance but professional, reliable, committed, passionate about the festive season and vetted.

With enhanced DBS checks, our professional Santas are the best (even if we do say so ourselves) but you’re welcome to put us to the test.

How to hire a Santa in the UK

Call us on 0844 800 0071 or email Or you could hop on over to our contact form, fill in your details and send it to our team.