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Interview with Santa: The Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year but some of the traditions that we celebrate time and again were started a long time ago. Unfortunately, their origins and the stories behind them have been lost in the midst of time. But we have delved into history and found some of the answers…

Why does Rudolph have a red nose?

Rudolph is the only reindeer that has a bright red schnozzle, the last to join the sledge team in 1939. Although a beacon of light in the dark as Santa rides his sleigh through the night sky, just why does he have a glowing nose?

There are currently two explanations. Medical scientists put forward that Rudolph has more veins in his nose that his colleagues and this gives him the bright red hooter that is now immortalised in the modern story of Christmas.

On the other hand, the Natural History Museum has put forward a theory that Rudolph’s red now is down to snot bot, an infestation of flies!

Or maybe it’s just how Rudolph is and we should embrace him no matter how he looks.

Where does Santa get his elves?

We first started to see elves appear in the Christmas story back in 1823 and ever since we have seen the elves as an important part of the festive season.

These guys are the skilled colleagues of Santa who create a lot of the toys and gifts that he delivers. At one time, they would have been skilled carpenters, creating wooden toys and gifts but today, in the 21st century, they are highly skilled technical whizz-kids. But where do they all come from?

The answer is, we don’t know for sure although there are plenty of theories. Some suggest that a secret elf recruitment agency exists and they source talented elves from across the globe to keep Santa’s empire growing.

We, of course, use human elves who have been specially trained to support the work that our professional Santas deliver at festive events across the UK.

What also remains secret is just how many elves work with Santa in the North Pole. Experts suspect thousands of elves working in one guise or another with the Man in Red himself.

What do Santa and the elves do for the rest of the year?

The build-up to Christmas is a very busy time. It starts in October and gathers pace until the big day itself. As you can imagine, the hours are very long and so come the New Year, Santa, Mrs Claus and the elves all take a well-earned break.

A bit like our professional Santa performers and Mother Christmases here at Hire a Santa. Our elves also enjoy a break too.

They also do work throughout the year too. For example, they can be hired for pre-festive photoshoots for marketing campaigns and PR stunts.

What if you don’t find Christmas a great time?

Not everyone does and with all the twinkling lights and parties, we can forget that not everyone enjoys Christmas.

Santa and his elves want everyone to look out for one another and if you suspect that someone is unhappy over the festive period, that you take time to help them. Or you can encourage them to find help and information from places like Mind