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Our Top Tips on how to be a fantastic Santa!

Being a professional Santa is a very special role. The sight of that red outfit, white beard and the sound of the booming ‘Ho, ho, ho’, immediately raises expectations and brings a sense of magic to every child in the vicinity. Disappointing a child is the last thing you want to do. Every memory of your encounter with them has to be enchanting, enjoyable and memorable.

We’ve compiled some tips to help you stay in top form, creating the perfect Santa experience.


Wearing a red suit and white beard isn’t enough – the details also have to match the impact. Does Santa wear trainers? Or wear a watch? Or have a mobile phone peeping out of a pocket? Some inquisitive child is guaranteed to notice and draw attention to it. Remove any tell tale signs like a mobile phone before you encounter a child. Always remember, you have to look the part in every way.

Don’t be alone with kids

Always make sure there are other adults nearby in the same room. This can be hard at a private party or in a family setting, but all you need to do is ask for help before the event starts. Remind the organiser to stay close at hand just in case they are needed.

Involve other adults in the event. Refer to them, and ask them questions too making them part of the occasion, especially at a family gathering when everyone needs to be involved.  Having an up-to-date DBS is a must!

hire a santa UKKnow your Santa background

Be clued up on those important elements of Santa’s life and especially the reindeer who work with him. Children will ask you questions, and you need to be able to answer them. Talking about the reindeer, about life in the frozen north, about the problems of travelling all round the world in a single night will make children feel you really the ‘real Santa Claus’. Research Santa and be prepared – kids may ask awkward questions!

Don’t overdo it

Faced with a group of young children, sometimes scarce more than toddlers, adults often underestimate the children’s intelligence. Kids can notice things, they will pick up on items of clothing that should not be there and will quickly start to suspect something is not right if you are overdoing your chat. It’s very important to get the balance right. You don’t want to seem like a cartoon character ‘ho, ho, ho ing’ at every point, but you do need to create an atmosphere and authentic impression. Careful preparation in advance will help.

HIRE A DBS CHECKED SANTABe ready to answer awkward questions

Children may ask you for expensive computers or electronic toys. Or they may say that they’ll phone or email you later with a list. They may ask how you manage to deliver gifts to every child on one night around the world. You have to be ready with answers.

When preparing for your visit, think about such questions and prepare some answers in advance. Make sure you memorise them so that you don’t get caught out. Check with parents beforehand about potential gifts on a Christmas list. If necessary, always have a fall back by saying it depends on what’s available in the workshop.