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Is it Ever Too Early to Start Planning Christmas_Is it Ever Too Early to Start Planning Christmas?

For businesses, the build-up to Christmas is the main shopping season, the time that all the stops are pulled, every sale maximised, every promotion turned up to full volume. And no wonder – for the majority of retailers, the Christmas sales are the ones that bolster them throughout the rest of the year.

So, whilst the heads and hearts of parents and carers droop with the first Christmas advert, for retailers, brands and businesses, Christmas planning starts well in advance with the Christmas strategy nailed down by the summer.
And that means it is never too early to start planning and it is never to early to hire a professional Father Christmas for events and promotions. And here’s why;

#1 In control

We all have the best intentions but when the festive season starts knocking on the door in November, everything is ramped up a notch. And that means some things fall by the wayside.

Advance Christmas planning puts you in the driving seat, rather than the festive season onslaught assigning you to the passenger seat hurtling along at 100 miles an hour.

#2 Get MORE from your budget

Christmas promotions and events are essential. But, everyone else is doing the same thing and so standing out is problematic. In desperation, you throw even more money at it, ‘hoping’ that you get the results you need in the festive profit margin.

But ‘hoping’ isn’t good enough and you need to keep a tight(er) rein on your budget too. Thus, planning in advance and getting your professional ‘man-in-the-red-suit’ booked for your festive promotion is much better for your budget.

#3 Plan for your younger fans and customers

Christmas is a magical time, more so for children. From retailers to shopping centres, to schools, nurseries and children play centres, having THE best Christmas party means creating a magical atmosphere.

And there is nothing better than Father Christmas putting in an appearance, with his helpers handing out gifts. Great for photo opportunities, hire a professional Santa is something many parents do for parties too.

Planning Christmas means thinking about the bigger picture, from how much to charge for public events to creating the perfect small gifts.

#4 You and your staff will enjoy the festive season more

It is a busy time and it is stressful. When you turn the key in the lock on Christmas Eve and bid your team a Merry Christmas, you want to be able to enjoy the day yourself – and you want your staff to be able to do so too.

Being planned and organised, backed by a strategy and a review process planned for January, you and your staff team can enjoy the run-up to Christmas, rather than it being frantic with tired, overworked staff desperately trying to be cheerful.

When is the best time to book a professional Father Christmas?


In fact, some of our clients book their professional Santa a whole year in advance! As you can imagine, as the festive season pops up on the horizon, our phone is ringing off the hook from October right up until the big day itself.

Book your professional Father Christmas (with elves too!) today by calling the team at Hire a Santa on 0844 800 0071 or email

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