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Have you ever thought about becoming a professional Father Christmas?

Everywhere you look in December, one face keeps appearing. This is Santa’s month, when that jolly character with his long white beard, red clothing and black boots takes centre stage on trains, shops and events of all kinds. He’s visiting houses, appearing on television screens in films and countless advertisements for products and services of all kinds. He is definitely hard to miss – and in order to do everything, he needs lots of Santa Claus helpers.

As January dawns, so does the Santa furore. But not for long since before spring has ended, demand for Santa characters quickly gains momentum. The fact is that Santa is demand most of the year, and can easily provide a fairly regular source of income most months.

So it is never too early to begin training as a Santa Claus. There are Santa Schools held regularly every year. Why not talk to us about vacancies at our Santa Schools?

Attending a Santa School is the best way to become a professional Santa. Apart from learning about the correct way to dress, and how to say that booming ‘Ho, Ho, Ho’, you will also learn all the tricks of the trade. You can find out about Santa’s story, the legends of Santa and his associated characters such as Rudolf and Mrs Claus. Most importantly, this is the place to acquire the skills and no-how such as how to safely talk to children, how to approach them especially if they are reluctant and shy, why it is important to always have other adults in the same room. Remember too, that anyone working with children has to obtain clearance from the police that they are not on any offenders list. Attendance at a Santa Claus school makes sure that every would be Santa is fully prepared.

After that, you need to time to practice and become word perfect. You need to learn the material, the stories and anecdotes taught in the school as well as making sure you have every part of your Santa outfit.

Acquiring all the necessary training now, in the quieter early time of the year, means that when work starts picking up later in the spring, you are ready to take on bookings. Such bookings are not just for the all important Christmas period, when Santa is visibly in demand. We are part of the Envisage Agency Group and they run a Santa Training School.

From February onwards, Christmas exhibitions are being held at venues nationwide as manufacturers seek to sell their latest ranges to retailers and online operators, as well as the countless event organisers beginning work on plans for decorating historic homes and other venues. The presence of Santa Claus is always a great attraction at such exhibitions.

By July, Christmas events are being organised for the media, many of whom have to work to very long schedules. By early summer, most media organisations have begun planning their Christmas gift guides and Christmas editions. Companies wanting to promote products for potential inclusion in such Christmas media increasingly join together in special Christmas in July exhibitions attended by journalists and stylists from all parts of the media, print and digital. For the media it is the ideal way to see as many new products perfect for Christmas as possible – as well as sampling and trying them. Naturally Santa is very much in evidence – who better to promote and create a Christmas ambiance? Bringing Santa along to your stand provides great photo opportunities, and adds a sense of fun.

It’s not just the media who are focusing on Christmas so early in the year. Advertisers and promotional organisations are equally active. Christmas videos, Christmas advertising and Christmas films have to shot and photographed. The presence of Santa Claus is essential – even if it is just posing against a stock of presents.

So if the thought of becoming a Santa Claus appeals – take action now! It could be providing you with a good source of income much sooner than you might expect.