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are you a would be santaAre You a Would-Be Professional Santa?

We can hear them but they are still faint. The jingle bells are a-jingling, reminding us that at the time of publication, there are 28 Mondays to Christmas!

With a long, hot summer promised, it’s hard to imagine the cold of winter and everything that the festive season brings.

But for anyone who fancies being a professional Father Christmas, now is the time to take the plunge.

What do would-be Santas, Mother Christmases and Elves need to be a fantastic performer in this highly-coveted role?

#1 You must be a PEOPLE-PERSON

And by that, we specifically mean someone who understands how to interact with children, young people and adults in a variety of ways.

At Hire a Santa, we provide professional men-in-red for all kinds of festive functions, from Christmas parties at nursing homes to celebrations at children’s nurseries.

We also need professional Santas to spread the festive magic at commercial and charity events too.

No matter where you are, you need to keep the spirit of Christmas alive and that means understanding how to engage with everyone from a small child to older people.

#2 You need to LOOK THE PART

For centuries, the bearded man has always been a little on the plump side… we don’t expect our Santas or Mother Christmases to gain weight for the role.

What people do expect is a Santa shrouded in many layers of red with lots of fluffy whiteness.

You need to be able to carry off and give the impression of being impressive. The red suit is more than red trousers and a matching jacket.

It’s about the BIG overlayer of a coat, the way your hat is worn at a jaunty angle and, more importantly, how you carry it.


If you are not comfortable drawing attention to yourself, whether you are in costume or
not, then your career as a professional Santa may be short-lived.

When a professional Santa for hire walks into a room, he MUST command attention.

He needs to be confident in his delivery, delivering a well-rehearsed ho-ho-ho as he enters a room whilst at the same time, scanning the room, making fleeting eye contact with everyone and have a jolly wave.

Confidence in being able to mimic the big man is something that can be developed but if you are not confident in putting on a show, you may not find being a professional Santa the most comfortable of roles.

#4 You need to be a TIMEKEEPER

You know, the employment window for a professional Santa, Mother Christmas and the elves are small.

Bookings are made for November onwards, with some fantastic festivities planned not just by commercial companies but private individuals too.

How great would it be as a professional Father Christmas to be part of a festive wedding?

But the bookings come in thick and fast. You could find yourself spending the morning at a nursing home party, followed by a trip around the children’s ward at a hospital and end your day with an appearance at a shopping centre.

You need to be a timekeeper, sticking to your schedule and you must be reliable. Because a Santa that lets his audience down is a bad, never-to-be-employed again Santa.

You have been warned.

#5 You must be a TEAM PLAYER

Once you are in your red suit, a professional Santa needs professional helpers. This could be a professional Mother Christmas at your side or a gaggle of elves.

You need to mingle and play as part of a team.

Santa Training School at Hire a Santa is open for applications!

Do YOU love Christmas?

If you do and you believe you have the qualities to become a professional Santa for hire, then we would love to hear from you.

With our own Santa Training School, this festive season could be the one that is your most enjoyable yet. Why not spread a little cheer with Hire a Santa?

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