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How to Dress Up as Father Christmas

The festive event is booked. There is a chill in the air. There is the gentle flicker of multicoloured fairy lights to enjoy and the scent of pine from the tree hangs in the air. Now, the only thing you need to finish this wonderful Christmas scene is for the man himself to arrive.

And that’s you.

You have promised to be Father Christmas. You have, therefore, promised to bring laughter, joy and a sprinkle of magic that only Father Christmas can to festivities.

To do so all starts with how you look. Do you look like a ‘proper’ Santa?

Your step-by-step guide to dressing like Santa

Today, we know Santa as being the large, jolly, rotund man in the red suit. Iconic from the 1930s onwards, Santa originally wore a light blue suit. However, advertising and tradition took over and now, we have Father Christmas dressing in red with a hint of black and a huge white beard.

Step 1 – The red suit

The starting point of transforming your humble self into Father Christmas is the red suit. You’ll need a roomy, rich red suit that is preferably well made. You’ll need a heavyweight material to be able to carry it off and look like the real thing.

Step 2 – Padding

Santa is a jolly chap. As well as a booming ho-ho-ho, you’ll need a squishy belly too. If you don’t have one of your own, you’ll need padding. There are big bellies you can buy or use several pillows around your middle.

Step 3 – Black belt and black boots

Santa does a lot of walking in all kinds of conditions from the snowy planes of Siberia to the sandy beaches of Europe and so he needs to be prepared. Black boots (tuck your red trouser legs in) are perfect. You’ll also need a big, thick black belt to keep your pillows in place around your expanded waistline.

Step 4 – The beard

Santa’s beard is incredibly important. It needs to be as white and fluffy as clouds in the sky. You could glue cotton wool to your face (probably not the most sensible idea) or you could hire or buy a false beard. Make sure it is tucked under your hat and is secure because there is nothing worse than Santa’s beard falling away from his face in front of a crowd of aghast and disappointed children…

Step 5 – Don’t bother with steps 1 to 4…

… hire a professional Santa performer instead.

This makes sense in so many ways;

  • We have all the gear – from high-quality red suits to the teeny-tiny shoes worn by elves, we have it all.
  • Confident performers – being Santa isn’t easy. You have a lot of expectations placed on your shoulders and unless you are confident with a smattering of performance skills, you’ll find it an overwhelming task.
  • Not expensive – it isn’t expensive because you can’t put a price on seeing the joy of people’s faces when they come face to face with a character that means so much to them.

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