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Ideas for Christmas Events with a Santa Appearance

It might be summer and the weather is hot outside – but Christmas planning is already underway. Journalists are being countless emails about new products that are perfect for Christmas gifts, magazines are preparing their Christmas editions. Many Christmas Party planners have been scouting out venues for months, while retailers organised their Christmas wares almost as soon as the decorations came down last December.

December comes all too quickly and anyone planning a party or event needs to take action much, much earlier in the year.

Set your date, time and budget well in advance

Venues get booked up quickly. Visit a variety of potential venues to check out what they can offer on your selected days. Make sure all your workforce are aware of the selected day and check out any transport requirements.

Choose your theme

Be prepared to discuss this with your venue. It can affect colour schemes or table décor. Are you planning on traditional red and green or opting for a silver winter themed wonderland? What about a Nutcracker theme, Christmas trees, or lots of gold?

What about catering? Talk to your event organisers about the type of menu’s you want to offer. Bear in mind that not everyone will want the traditional Christmas fare, for example there will be vegans, vegetarians, people on gluten free diets present. If you are aiming for a unique, memorable menu then you need to get plenty of ideas and talk to chefs well in advance in order to cover all potential options.


The bigger the event, the greater the need for entertainment to keep guests occupied. Whether it is simple party games, a live band or even a visit from Santa and his elves preparations have to be made in advance. All the best personnel get booked up very quickly.

Children’s parties especially require lots of entertainment to keep them happy and busy. A good Santa knows just how to maintain the fun and create an air of enchantment. Contact your Santa agency to book the perfect Santa whether it is for a steam train event, a school Christmas party or a family get together.