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8 of The Best Secret Santa Gifts

For some, it is a chance to flex their prowess at gift buying but for others, the annual Secret Santa is the stuff of nightmares. With a small budget and not much choice, just how do you buy a gift for Marjorie in accounts or Ahmed on the front desk? We have X of the best secret Santa gift ideas…

#1 The smallest ever voice changer

Coming in under £10 and sure to raise plenty of laughs is the smallest ever voice changer. At 7cm, it is diminutive in stature but huge in its appeal.

#2 Beer & socks

Frankly, we all need more beer and socks in our lives and so when you know your Secret Santa recipient enjoys an occasional drink and wears socks, this Secret Santa gift is ideal. Coming in at just under £10, the Beer & Socks Canister is a great buy.

#3 Personalised notebook

If you struggle to buy something personal for your Secret Santa, then why not opt for a gift that has their name blazoned across it. You may be surprised to find that there are plenty of personalised gifts for under £10 like this personalised notebook for teachers. But don’t worry, there are plenty of other personalised gifts available too.

#4 Their own mug

Anyone who has or does work in a busy environment will know torment of someone else not only using your mug but not returning. And when they do, it is unwashed and chipped. Help out your work colleague with a personalised mug. There are many different options but the best one we came across was this personalised mug from the Personalised Gift Shop. Think we’ll get some of these for our elves…

#5 2020 planner

There is nothing in the Secret Santa Gift Buying Guide that says you have to buy a gift that is funny and useless. In fact, some of your colleagues may hanker after something useful, like the aforementioned personalised mug. If this is the case, this 2020 planner complete with a subtle, diplomatic message on the front cover is perfect.

#6 Hand cream

Stick with us before you roll your eyes because doesn’t everyone suffer from dry or chapped hands at some point? There are hundreds of hand creams on the market but frankly, there is nothing better than Hemp hand cream from The Body Shop. It lasts ages and really does the trick. Your Secret Santa recipient will thank you for it (if they knew who you were!).

#7 The Fake News Game

We all know that politicians can make some wonderful gaffes but with ‘fake news’ tweets coming thick and fast from the current US President, it wasn’t long before someone invented a game to highlight just how ludicrous some of these fake new allegations are. But can you tell fact from fiction? It’s tougher than you think…

#8 Reusable cup

Encourage your work colleague to embrace eco-friendliness without ditching their morning caffeine kick with this reusable cup. Available in different colours and sizes, there is sure to be something in your Secret Santa budget.